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loves:  red, tuk-tuks, poetry slams, Muji pens, elephants, black sand, cherry blossoms, teaching, a good pun, babies laughing, the smell of film developer, mangoes, fresh coffee, 4-wheeled suitcases, airports.


I try to take a photojournalistic, editorial approach to photography. Candid moments and storytelling inspire me. I think about light... a lot. My eyes are drawn to colour, narrative, detail and emotion. I've been lucky to get to document life and love and the moments in between for some beautiful people.


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artist statement

I was raised in a home where art was treasured, talked about, created and deeply respected. My grandfather and my mother are both accomplished photographers who have been a constant source of inspiration. My grandfather takes black and white photographs of rural India. His photos are powerful and honest. He illuminates his subject matter with his mastery of light and shadows. My mother’s photography is infused with love for India, her greatest muse. She celebrates her subject matter with an abundance of colour. Growing up in an environment that nurtured creativity and encouraged travel has significantly shaped me as an artist and person.​

I am drawn to the old, the young, the joyful and the resilient. Raw and bustling places that are steeped in faith and tradition. I like layered landscapes, vast and soaked in history. The camera lets me connect with people, places and things in an intimate manner. These encounters allow me to feel the textures, trace the wrinkles and render a moment with light, colour and narrative.

I’m humbled by the places I’ve been to and the beautiful people I’ve met. I feel fortunate to have photographs pinned to the walls of my memory. They are my souvenirs and proof of all the people and places that have moved me.

(travel with me)

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